72 passengers admitted to Barisal Medical College

72 passengers admitted to Barisal Medical College

72 people have been brought to Barisal Hospital after being burnt in the blaze. Some of them have burnt 80 percent of their bodies. In addition, 50 percent of several others were burned.

There are about 20 patients with 50 to 60 percent burns. He said they were sent to Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery in Dhaka for advanced treatment.

Besides, five burnt people have been admitted to Jhalokati Sadar Hospital.

It is learned that four trained burn doctors are going to Barisal from Dhaka to treat the burn patients undergoing treatment at the hospital. They will depart by flight in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, fire service personnel have so far recovered the bodies of 39 people in the launch fire. Coast Guard members are conducting a rescue operation.

Passengers said the launch was going from Dhaka to Barguna. A fire broke out in the engine room of the launch just before the Gabkhan Bridge just before the Jhalakati launch terminal. The fire then spread to the entire launch. The fire started burning from 3 pm. Many passengers jumped out of the launch and survived. The idea of ​​passengers, the number of casualties is a lot. However, no one has been able to give any specific information yet.

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