The Tigers will practice inside the room

The Tigers will practice inside the room

Omicron has raised new concerns about coronavirus. There is no reliance on the cricket team based in Christchurch. However, isolation is strictly adhered to in the country of Jacinda Ardern.

The visitors are in a 7-day quarantine at a place designated by the government. It is easy to guess how the time of confinement is going. The team director has scared the fans from Oceania, everyone is fine.

Khaled Mahmud Sujan said, “After reaching here, we all went up to everyone’s room.” After that, I haven’t been with anyone yet except video call. We are having a hard time right after playing from Pakistan. So I think we have to work hard for 2-3 days then we can practice as a group and do the gym.

The believers have been whitewashed in the Test series against Pakistan in the conditions they know. New Zealand’s condition is as incomprehensible as that. Therefore, the believers want to prepare as much as possible before the start of the first test on January 1.

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They will have to wait a little longer for the field practice session. However, the Isolation Center is equipped with fitness equipment in every cricketer’s room.

Bangladesh cricket team all-rounder Mehdi Hasan Miraj said, “We have to do everything from inside the room.” We were given food and drink inside the room. We are doing everything from inside the room. We will practice with some tools inside the room.

The Tigers traveled to New Zealand earlier this year to play in the ODI and T20 series. There has been a similar experience of isolation before. So adapting should not be a problem.

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