Got good news about salary

Got good news about salary

Although the men’s cricketers have not won any titles on the big stage, the Asia Cup titles are on the list of women’s achievements. But they are always far behind in terms of salary.

Although their salaries have increased over the last few years. But even that was not enough. Now it is known that Nigar Sultana Jyotira is going to get a big salary from the new year.

The salaries of women cricketers will increase by 33 percent next year. BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon himself confirmed the matter. After the board meeting on Friday (December 24), she said that the salaries of women cricketers are being increased more than the conventional rate.

The BCB president said, “Usually we increase the salary by 10-15 percent, but this time it is being increased by 33 percent.” According to those who play well, the girls ‘remuneration is A category, B category – we are emphasizing on these.’

According to Papun, under the new contract, women cricketers in the ‘A’ category will get Rs 60,000 per month. And the salary of ‘B’ category cricketers will be 48 thousand rupees. Besides, cricketers in ‘C’ and ‘D’ categories will get Rs 36,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, the BCB president said that all the companies bigger than the historic Lord’s have expressed interest in constructing the Sheikh Hasina Cricket Stadium. He said so far 26 organizations have expressed interest. We will select the top five from them. Hopefully, the work on the stadium will start soon. Although it is a long process.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) sat in a meeting on Friday (December 24). This was the second formal meeting of the board after this election. After this meeting, many changes have taken place in different positions of the organization.

Jalal Yunus Chowdhury has become the new chairman of BCB’s operations committee. He has replaced Akram Khan. Tanvir Ahmed Titu has been appointed as the new head of the media committee. Besides, Akram Khan has been given the responsibility of the facilities department of the board.

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