Bangladesh has improved in FIFA ranking

Bangladesh has improved in FIFA ranking

In the last match, Bangladesh lost 2-1 against Sri Lanka. The red-green team did not reach the final after losing that match of the four-nation tournament. Mario Lemos’ side equalize after falling behind in the first half at the Sri Lankan racecourse on 16 November. However, in the 90th minute of the match, the referee blew the whistle for a penalty when a Sri Lankan player was fouled in Bangladesh’s D-box. From there, Wasek Razzak defeated Anisur Rahman Ziko and found the net.

Earlier, in the 27th minute of the match, Wasek Razzak placed Jutler in the box. Goalkeeper Anisur Rahman Ziko could not understand the nature of the ball on the heavy field, Bangladesh then fell behind 1-0. Bangladesh got a penalty after falling behind. One of the players of the host team handballed the captain Jamal Bhuiyan from the corner. The referee showed him a red card along with a penalty. Penalty shot taken by Bangladesh’s penalty specialist Tapu Varman goes far beyond the post. The red-green representatives’ dream of reaching the final was shattered.

Jewel Rana equalized for Bangladesh in the 61st minute. Jamal’s dream of reaching the final was strengthened. But due to an unexpected penalty in the 90th minute, the Lemos disciples did not enter the title match.

But Bangladesh had a chance to fight for the title only if they drew that match. Despite an unexpected draw against Seychelles, Jamal’s hopes of reaching the final of the four-nation tournament remained alive. Bangladesh also hoped to play in the final.

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