Shakib left with a message before leaving the country

Shakib left with a message before leaving the country

Forgetting this year’s failure, Shakib wants to play well in the new year. The cricket star thinks that it is possible to cut the failure of Bangladesh cricket team in recent times. Shakib made the remarks at the airport on Wednesday (December 22) evening before leaving for his family in the United States.

If all goes well, he will play for Fortune Barisal in BPL. Although New Zealand did not play in the series, the team advised the best all-rounder in the country. He vowed to play the next series before leaving the country.

2021 was the year of T20 World Cup. Shakib thinks, where Bangladesh has shown failure. The Tigers are having one of the worst times in their history. Shakib thinks it is possible to overcome it in the new year.

“We had a big goal in the World Cup,” he said. I could not fulfill that. From there, it’s frustrating. But there has been a lot before that we have been able to make a good comeback even after doing bad things. We will try to improve the places that can be identified by sitting together.

Although Shakib did not play in the New Zealand series, he advised his teammates. Batting wickets will take a lot of challenges. He told the batsmen to play with understanding.

Shakib said the pitches there are very good for the batsmen. Last time Bangladesh players did very well in New Zealand. Tamim, Riyadh brothers and gentlemen scored centuries. You can run there. So let everyone keep that belief.

Shakib will return to the country to play BPL before January 20. The star cricketer said that he has talked to Barisal so far. If all goes well, I will play for Barisal.

Before leaving the country, the poster boy of cricket in Bangladesh promised to play in the bilateral series of the national team next year.

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