Bangladesh won the title by defeating India in the final

Bangladesh won the title by defeating India in the final

Despite not scoring a goal, Bangladesh has shown the most power in Kamalapur Stadium so far. Golam Rabbani Chhotan’s disciples could have scored a goal 15 minutes before the match. However, Bangladesh was deprived when the Indian goalkeeper burned the ball gloves over the goal line. For the rest of the first half, Maria Mander’s team attacked the Indian net one by one. Fate alone did not help the red-green representatives.

After 25 minutes of the match, Golam Rabbani Chhotan’s disciples lost some edge in the attack. At that time, India brought a couple of balls towards the goal post of Bangladesh and created fear in the red-green camp. However, they did not get the goal.

Bangladesh’s Ripa made a great attack from the right side in the 35th minute. However, he could not get the ball to his teammates on the other side. As a result, the efforts of the girls are in vain. Within minutes, Kamalapur Stadium witnessed another such attack. In contrast, the Indian girls could not come up with the ball along with the net of Bangladesh. Rabbani’s disciples were able to overcome everything with the firmness of the defense.

In the first five minutes of the second half, the host team made several strong attacks. Bangladesh players failed to score even after getting the ball inside the D-box in the 50th minute. Ten minutes later, Shamsunnahar failed to catch the ripper flying cross for a while. The ball goes over his head through the barpost. In the 64th minute, the Bangladesh goalkeeper jumped and blocked an attempt by India.

Despite the dominance of Bangladesh, the fear of not getting a goal was growing as the age of the match was increasing. The goal that came against India in the previous match was at the beginning of that match. However, with 16 minutes left in the match, the host team broke through India’s net. However, the referee canceled the goal. The Bangladeshi spectators descending the slope of Kamalapur were disappointed. Eventually, the red-green representatives met the desired goal. Anai Mogini’s great shot from the ripper back pass finds the address of the net. If there are no more goals during the rest of the match, Maria Mandara will be overjoyed.

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