Going to Dubai in the evening to play Asia Cup

Going to Dubai in the evening to play Asia Cup

The coaches and cricketers think that this event will boost the balance and confidence of the team before they enter the stage of the Youth World Cup.

Meanwhile, the two cricketers who played in the World Cup have been included to increase the strength and balance of the team, according to Game Development.

The whole of the long-term plan went to Kovid’s stomach. Attempts at maximum preparation are underway in the midst of the two-bar matching time. Even then the deficit did not go away! Unfortunately, the cricketers of the under-19 team were seen practicing bat and ball just before the official photo session.

The youth are waiting to fly for the World Cup with the experience of only three series. Needless to say, the preparation for the big stage was not ideal. Even then, the cricketers are keeping confidence in themselves. Because everyone else has gone through the same situation.

Asia Cup in the farewell year before the World Cup in the new year. Bangladesh will get three matches in the group stage. If you do well, there is a possibility of reaching the semi-final and reaching the final. This is the main goal of the team for now. Because if you can reach the destination, you will get both preparation and confidence at the same time.

Bangladesh U-19 cricket team coach Naveed Newaz said, “Everyone is lacking in preparation. The ACC has organized the Asia Cup with this in mind. We have to make maximum use of it. If we can do that, then, of course, there will be opportunities to do well in the World Cup. We are the current champions. I want to take it as inspiration, not as pressure. ‘

Bangladesh is going to the Caribbean islands with a young team at once. The inclusion of Shakib and team leader Rakibul is increasing the balance of the team. Both of them are members of the World Cup-winning team. There are two more. Greatly optimistic game development manager.

Bangladesh will play two practice matches before setting the world stage after the Asia Cup. All in all, the preparation will be done by the youth.

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