Nadal is suffering from corona

Nadal is suffering from corona

He returned to the country after playing the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. Nadal himself confirmed the matter in a tweet on Monday (December 20). However, he expressed hope that he will feel better soon.

While in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, the Spanish tennis star had negative results in every Covid Test. He also had a negative result in last Friday’s (December 16) test. But when he returned to the country, Nadal tested positive.

He has been out of court since last August with a leg injury. After a long time he returned to tennis through the World Tennis Championships. Expectations, however, were not met. He lost to Andy Mara in the semifinals last Friday and dropped out of the title race. Later, Nadal also lost in the third place match.

After returning to the country, he contracted coronavirus. The Australian Open will be held from January 17. Before that, Nadal will be able to go to court only if he is fully recovered.

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