Abdul Kuddus – Successful entrepreneur and Verified Artist

Abdul Kuddus is a young entrepreneur and digital marketer in today’s society who is moving towards success at a very young age. The whale started as well as studying, hoping to achieve something big. Abdul Kuddus is currently studying Computer Science Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Business Technology and working as an administrator in his company.

Abdul Kuddus loves to write stories and believes that it is through this story that he will move forward towards his success. Abdul Kuddus is very patient and believes that with patience he can lead himself to success. Abdul Kuddus was born in Comilla, Chittagong division in Bangladesh. He made his first journey in 2016. Slowly he set it forward. He has worked expertly with more than 123 clients around the world.

He enjoys traveling and spends a lot of time exploring different cities and countries around the world. As Abdul Kuddus noted after concentrating on her marketing firm Firma, the world around her had changed, her friends had moved to college when she grew up and started new endeavors, making it seem like the first time in her life to walk outside.

Abdul Kuddus thinks that digital marketing is a huge potential in the current era. We know that the importance of marketing is increasing day by day, we urge the youth to work in this field. If you want to work with digital marketing, you have to improve your skills first. Because with the right knowledge anyone can move towards this success. But experience often leads to failure. For this, everyone has to improve their skills first.

Every new entrepreneur must find a solution to the problem and focus on making a difference in the industry. It will motivate you more than making money. Chasing a bag will chase you incessantly. Will affect. If you are rich you will die because someone can be rich but not everyone can be affected. Successful and entrepreneurial success as a newborn depends on the risk and effort that you have. Of course, you can find a guru for yourself or find a team of the best professionals in the world and move on, but it’s not at all. Search for your inspiration first, ask yourself why you’re doing it, why you’re starting something?

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