Foreign investment in China is increasing

Foreign investment in China is increasing

There is nothing new to say about China’s dominance in the world market. Just as China is the world’s leading producer of low-cost products, it is also the world’s largest expanding business in a short period of time.

China’s Ministry of Commerce told international news agencies on Thursday (December 16th) that the country has maintained the same level of foreign investment as in 2020.

Foreign direct investment in China increased by 15.9 percent from the same period last year to January-November 2021. At present, the country has invested 1.04 trillion yuan (৭ 158.2 billion) in these 11 months.

The flow of cross-border investment in China’s services sector has increased by 16 percent year on year. FDI inflows into the high-tech industry also increased by 19.3 percent, according to the country’s commerce ministry.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the Belt and Road countries and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have invested 245.6 percent and 23.7 percent more in mainland China, respectively, in the current fiscal year.

China has promised to further shorten its negative list of foreign investments. The country will facilitate services for foreign-funded initiatives and projects to increase investment.

It also hints at providing all kinds of legal benefits for participating in China’s global business activities. This will create an international and conducive business environment.

In order to increase foreign investment, the government has reduced the overall tariff rate from 15.6 percent to 7.4 percent.

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