Bangladesh’s new visa center in Kolkata

Bangladesh’s new visa center in Kolkata

The Bangladesh High Commission in the country said in a statement that the Minister of State for External Affairs Shahriar Alam had recently visited the center.

According to the notification, in the present system, the applicants have to submit the application form and necessary documents directly to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission. It is open from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Currently, there are only three counters. Long lines of applicants are often seen on the streets outside the Deputy High Commission premises. Sometimes people even wait all night to secure their place in the line. This creates serious security risks for diplomatic work.

Apart from this, there is no place to shelter the applicants during sun and rain. There is no way to accept social distance. Women and children lack toilets and there is no one to help them fill out the forms. Applicants are facing these problems every day.

According to the statement, a separate visa center has been set up in Kolkata by the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission as part of the plan.

In addition to improving the scope and quality of service in large-scale visa application centers, a new visa processing fee of Rs 726 including GST will be fixed.

As a result, the people of India willing to travel to Bangladesh, especially the people of the eastern part of India, will benefit greatly. At the same time, this much-awaited initiative will make a positive contribution to the tourism and industrial sectors of Bangladesh.

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