Terrible tornado of remembrance in six states of the United States

Terrible tornado of remembrance in six states of the United States

The death toll is expected to rise as more people are still trapped under the rubble. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has declared Kentucky the worst-hit state.

A gruesome picture was seen in the town of Mayfield in the US state of Kentucky on Sunday (December 12) morning. Two days after the catastrophic tornado, the city is still in ruins. If you look at it through the eyes of a bird, the whole city will feel like a place of death.

The people of Kentucky can’t forget the memory of the terrible tornado. Many have lost everything and become destitute.

One of the residents said that we had to face such a situation in our sleep. The walls collapsed and fell right in front of his face. At that time we had nothing to do but pray. Everything that was is over.

The death toll in the city is constantly rising. The governor has expressed doubts about where this number will end as many are still missing. However, he said that the rescue operation was being carried out quickly.

Governor Andy Bashir said the people of the state have never seen such an event. It is difficult to describe what happened. Such scenes are not seen in movies. We will continue to do our best. But the way the death toll is rising is troubling, as there are no morgues in Mayfield to accommodate so many people.

About 50,000 people in the city have been without electricity since the tornado. Authorities did not say how long it would take for power to be restored. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has promised all possible assistance by declaring Kentucky a disaster-prone state.

The tornado struck Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. Casualties were also reported. There are millions of people without electricity and water.

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