Video of neighbors clashing over cleaning up is viral

Video of neighbors clashing over cleaning up is viral

As can be seen in the video, a road has gone between the two houses. At around 8 in the morning, a woman cleans the front of her house with a dirty broom and puts it in front of her neighbor’s house. This scene catches the eye of another woman in the neighborhood. After the first woman cleaned the dirt and went inside, the second woman pushed the dirt in front of the first woman’s house with her feet. Seeing this scene, the first woman brought a stick from inside the house and started beating the neighbor.

At that time, a male member of the family of the first woman came from inside the house and removed the woman who was beating her with a stick. Meanwhile, the family members of the beaten woman also came forward. Then a fierce clash broke out between the two family members. Later other neighbors came forward and stopped them.

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