11 thousand crores fine

11 thousand crores fine

Italian tech court has fined US tech giant Amazon about 1.1 billion euros. Italy’s finance and trade policymakers made the announcement on Thursday, December 9th.

Amazon, one of the world’s most influential businesses, was fined for violating “antitrust” laws by abusing its dominance in the international market. This huge amount of money in Bangladeshi currency is about 11 thousand crore rupees.

US technology giant Amazon has been fined about 1.1 billion euros (১১ 1.1 trillion) in Bangladeshi currency for antitrust offenses. The US tech giant was fined on Thursday (December 9th) for allegedly abusing market dominance. Italy’s business and economic watchdog has accused Amazon of “promoting its own logistics services and abusing its position of influence.”

Amazon, which is a direct offense under antitrust law, also allows its loyal and high-quality customers to use the Amazon Prime program, which is illegal.
Following the news of the huge fines against Amazon on Thursday afternoon, Amazon said in a statement that “the proposed fines and remedies are unreasonable and inconsistent. Amazon strongly disagrees with this and will appeal.”

In response, Italian authorities said that Italy had imposed measures on Amazon subject to long-term monitoring and monitoring.
The European Union (EU) has fined Amazon 7.8 million euros two weeks ago for violating EU trade rules. 134.5 Apple in the same law! EU parliament fines millions of euros

The European Parliament recently passed a law in this regard, which would bring the world’s largest corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple under control. Many EU countries, including Italy and the Netherlands, have previously been fined by US companies for illegally selling Amazon, Apple, and Bits products. Also on the list is the Korean company Samsung.

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