Russia deploys more than 1 million troops

Russia deploys more than 1 million troops

According to CNN, the Ukrainian security forces include members of the Russian army, air force and navy. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said that Russia had deployed not only military personnel but also military equipment, tanks, and Iskander missiles at the border.

A report from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says Russia is regularly “reinstating its military units to maintain tensions in the region.” “They are doing this in order to create a fast-paced striking force and carry out attacks quickly,” the report said.

For months, Russia’s military actions along the Ukrainian border have alarmed Ukraine and the West. CNN reported last week that Russian forces had the capability to launch swift and immediate attacks along the Ukrainian border.

Russia has also set up fuel supply lines and set up medical units to prolong the conflict. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia does not want to invade Ukraine.

At a news conference in Russia on Wednesday, Putin said “Russia is pursuing a peaceful foreign policy. But Russia has the right to ensure security.”

Earlier on Monday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said Russia’s military was trying to spread fear and unrest in Ukraine by taking provocative measures along the border. Russia is also trying to prevent Kiev from joining the NATO alliance.

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