Several countries are covered with snow

Several countries are covered with snow

There is no way to see, there is a way to walk here, the roads are covered with ice. Somewhere the ice pile is being moved by crane.

This is the current picture of Moscow, the capital of Russia. The country is experiencing heavy snowfall, which has not been seen in decades, meteorologists said. The temperature in Moscow has dropped to zero degrees Celsius. Traffic jams have occurred in some places as roads are covered with snow.

The residents there are in trouble. Local authorities say thousands of workers have already taken to the streets to remove the snow, and hundreds of cranes are being used. Meanwhile, the residents of Spain also fell in the grip of heavy snowfall. Only white snow as far as the eye can see. With rain.

Most of the roads in the southern part of the country are covered with snow. There has been severe traffic jam. In such a situation, the country’s administration has urged travelers to return to the country quickly. Such a decision to avoid adverse situations. Italy and Scotland were also spared severe snowfall. Scottish public life in Scotland, disrupted by wind and rain with snow.

Several areas in the southern part of the country are covered with ice. Kabu residents in severe winter. Meanwhile, a yellow alert has been issued due to severe snowstorms and rains in northern Italy. The country’s Ahwa department has warned that such a situation will continue for a few more days.

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