Christmas mood in the city of Maine

Christmas mood in the city of Maine

White clouds float in the bluish-white sky above, red puppets play on the ice ground below. Some are sitting in the cable car, others are taking pictures in groups. The main attraction of Christmas is the contestants who go down the ski slope after wearing Santa’s clothes.

All the participants have traveled there on slopes. He was wearing a red jacket like Santa, trousers. The hat had a white bubble on it. No one forgot to wear the traditional beard. Many wore slay belts.

On Sunday, local time, more than 200 skiers and snowboarders went there with a registration fee of 20 per head. In its continuation, everyone took a huge check of five thousand dollars in their hands and took pictures together with the sound of ho.

The main goal of ‘River Fund Main’ is to help everyone in the education and entertainment sector. This effort of the locals centered on this Christmas festival really deserves praise.

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