The body is being found with a dog

The body is being found with a dog

Many are still missing. The rescue operation is continuing. Meanwhile, three more small explosions occurred on the island on Tuesday. This is hampering the rescue work. Experts are fearing a major earthquake in the country due to the eruption inside the volcano.

One body after another is still being found under the rubble. A few more have been rescued anew. The death toll from a volcanic eruption in Java, Indonesia, has risen.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The villages are full of smoke. Rescue workers are working to rescue the missing in such a situation. With the help of trained dogs, one body after another is being brought out from the rubble.

Meanwhile, the hospital environment is getting heavy due to the cries of the injured. Many are re-admitted to the intensive care unit. Life is on the verge of death. There are still piles of ashes all over the vast plains of the country. Roads are covered with mud and ash. Wherever the eye goes, there is only rubble. It looks like an abandoned city many years old.

Hundreds of homes and structures were gutted in a devastating volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday. Many more areas in the vicinity have been affected. A connection bridge has also collapsed. Thousands of residents have been evacuated to avoid casualties. The country’s experts are fearing a major earthquake soon due to the eruption of the volcano.

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