Huge balloons flew in the skies of Europe

Huge balloons flew in the skies of Europe

Colorful hot air balloons are flying in the sky of Spain. The sky of Europe seems to be filled with this beautiful sight of 25 balloons flying in the sky one by one.

The Hot Air Balloon Kings Cup 2021 is being held in the southern Spanish city of Antequera. 25 best pilots from different countries of Europe took part in it.

The competition for the King’s Cup in Spain is in two different stages. To win the competition, the pilots carefully tried to land quickly. “I wanted to fly very fast,” said one pilot. So that we can land on the ground at the fastest time.

Although hot air balloons can be seen flying in the sky in different countries of Europe, there is not much competition with tourists. So there was a huge interest among tourists and locals in this competition.

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