CEO played the job of 900 employees in three minutes!

CEO played the job of 900 employees in three minutes!

In just three minutes of the zoom meeting, 15 percent of the employees of a US company were laid off.

According to India’s Anandabazar newspaper, Vishal Gorg, the expatriate Indian CEO of, a New York-based mortgage company, has committed such an act. More than 900 workers were laid off at the meeting.

The holiday season is about to begin. Earlier, an important meeting was called on behalf of the organization. The workers also appeared on time. Suddenly joining the meeting, the CEO informed that the company has decided to lay off 15 percent or 900 employees at once. On hearing this, the sky fell on the heads of the workers in a normal way. Because they still do not know exactly why they were cut.

At the meeting, Vishal Gorg said that he did not bring any good news. The market is changing rapidly. The company had to take this tough decision to survive in the market. This is my decision, so you should have heard from me. This is the second time I am cutting staff. Which is extremely hard work. I don’t really want to do that.

“I cried a lot the previous time,” he said emotionally at the time. Hopefully, this time I’ll be able to stay strong. From this moment on, you are not an employee of this organization.

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