Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany

Christmas, the biggest festival of the Christian community, is also being celebrated in Germany through various arrangements and collective prayers. Churches in various states, including the capital Berlin, have been hosting special prayers since Saturday afternoon.

Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestant followers of the Lord Jesus pray for the happiness and prosperity of the world.

In prayer, the head of the Stefanous Church in Berlin said that Jesus Christ was born with a message of world peace. So the world of peace and love sought at Christmas. So that there will be no discrimination.

“We are also celebrating Christmas in Corona with special rules,” he added. Like last time, we prayed to the Creator on this special day of Christmas, so that the world would be free from plague. Peace is established instead of war, and all people are well off. I am conveying the good news of Lord Jesus to everyone in the world including Bangladesh.

The locals are happy to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus and share the festive moments with the whole family through collective prayer music. A young man from there said, “Happy Christmas to everyone from Berlin to Bangladesh.” I wish everyone well. Merry Christmas.

Another woman said, “On this special day, my family and I have prayed to the Lord for the neglected and war-torn people of the world.” May everyone in the world be happy and safe.

Meanwhile, in a special message on the occasion of Christmas, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Olaf Schulz called on citizens to observe a safe Christmas by following the rules of coronation.

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