Indian security forces in the fog

Indian security forces in the fog

Hours after the horrific blast at a courthouse in the Indian state of Punjab, security forces have yet to find the cause of the blast.

One person was killed in an explosion at a courthouse in Punjab’s Ludhiana district around 12:15 pm on Thursday. Four others were seriously injured. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The proceedings of the Ludhiana court in the Punjab province of India began with the same civic activity as on other days. But suddenly an explosion stopped everything. In a moment, screaming and shouting is created in the work environment.

The blast took place in the second-floor bathroom of the court building around 12:15 pm local time on Thursday. So much of the building has collapsed. Several people were killed. The injured were rescued and taken to hospital, but their condition was reported to be critical.

Police rushed to the spot and cordoned off the court premises immediately after the blast. The fire brigade also reached. Although the cause of the explosion is not known, the investigation has started along with collecting evidence from the spot. The security forces are not yet sure whether this is a planned sabotage.

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