Delhi in severe winter

Delhi in severe winter

Whether it is morning or afternoon, it is almost impossible to get out of the road without turning on the headlights. As far as the eye can see, there is only fog. Due to the dense fog, tall buildings are almost invisible.

Suddenly, a severe winter has set in in New Delhi. While this time of year is enjoyable for the rich, it is a death knell for low-income working people. Those whose family lives on a daily basis are most affected by the cold.

The locals said that our hands were frozen due to cold. We can’t work. I am facing many obstacles while driving. But what can we do? We have to earn for food. Our hands are shaking because of the heavy fog and cold. Today it is colder than yesterday.

Snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh has had a direct impact on several areas, including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. Last Tuesday, Rajasthan recorded a low of minus 2.5 degrees Celsius. The capital of India, New Delhi, recorded a record 3.1 degrees Celsius. The meteorological department had issued a yellow alert in Delhi a few days back due to low temperature.

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