About two lakh expatriate Bangladeshis live in Italy

About two lakh expatriate Bangladeshis live in Italy

Although the country is ahead in economic and business trade, Bangladeshis lag far behind the citizens of other rival countries in obtaining Italian passports or citizenship. But in the world ranking, the position of Italian passport is at number 3. With the country’s red passport, you can travel to 189 countries without a visa. At the same time, in all EU countries, work and business establishments can be set up with full equal rights like the citizens of those countries.

There are three categories in Italian citizenship law.
Citizenship through marriage, citizenship through a list of Italian ex-men, and citizenship through ten years of continuous residence.
An expatriate adult boy or girl can acquire Italian citizenship within two years of marrying an Italian citizen.
Many Italians emigrated to many parts of the world after the First and Second World Wars. Especially in South America. Any of their descendants can apply for Italian citizenship by submitting an application with family proof.

The third method is the most common way for Asians, Africans and Eastern Europeans, including Bangladeshis, to obtain Italian citizenship. This method is somewhat complicated and time-consuming. You can submit an application after 10 years of continuous residence under any council office in Italy, with a specific residence address, legally residing in Italy.

If a person is convicted of a criminal offense in Italy or in his or her homeland, he or she will not be granted Italian citizenship. After submitting the application, one has to wait for 2 to 4 years for the final decision to come. Hopefully, the success rate at this stage is about 94 percent. On an average, 8% of applications have been rejected in the last few years. It is known that there are many Bangladeshis in it.

Although most people in Italy are employed in various jobs, Bangladeshis own about 30,000 businesses. Bangladeshis living in Italy also have strong economic positions in small businesses, grocery shops, restaurants, hotels, agriculture and shipbuilding. Although everything is fine, Bangladeshis living in Italy are lagging behind in obtaining Italian citizenship or passport. Citizens of Morocco, Albania, Tunisia, Brazil, Philippines, India and Pakistan are far ahead of Bangladeshis in this regard. Expatriate Bangladeshis can easily get Italian passport with their little caution and planning! One of these is the completion of 10 consecutive years of residency and 3 consecutive years of annual income prior to the submission of application is not consistent with the Citizenship Act. Something more is good but less is not. Cannot be involved in any criminal case.
Prior to the Corona epidemic, 5 lakh 6 thousand 620 foreign nationals took Italian citizenship from 2016 to 2019. The number of citizenship settlements in 2020 and 2021 is only 6 percent of the total applications. However, the Italian Ministry of Interior has confirmed that about one lakh 31 thousand applications were finally successful in 2020. Although not everyone has received a passport or taken an oath yet! The reason for the delay is the slowness of official work in the Corona situation.

About 94% of the last finalized applicants in 2019 have acquired Italian citizenship. The highest number of 26,033 Albanians and 15,612 Moroccans, more than 10,000 Brazilians and Romanians, about 5,000 Macedonians, 4,063 Indians in 6th place and 2,622 tenth Pakistanis in the list but 2,211 Bangladeshis have obtained citizenship. Which is inconsistent with the number and economic importance of Bangladeshi expatriates living in Italy.
About 5.3 million foreigners live in Italy. About 1.3 million of them carry passports with Italian citizenship. In all, there are about 20,000 Italians of Bangladeshi descent in the country, most of whom have relocated to other countries, including the United Kingdom and the EU. Having an Italian passport gives you the opportunity to work and set up a business in all EU countries with equal rights with the citizens of those countries. In order to build a politically and economically strong position in the country, it is necessary for more Bangladeshis to obtain Italian citizenship and red passports. This will further strengthen the position of Bangladeshis in Italy, the land of ancient traditions and culture.

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