Ban on Christmas and New Year celebrations in India

Ban on Christmas and New Year celebrations in India

Despite the ban on public gatherings, the city’s restaurants and bars will remain open on festive days. However, 50 percent of the people in the restaurant seats can enter.

Besides, wearing a mask has been made compulsory to enter there. So far, 57 Omicron have been identified in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Portugal is in a tough position to face the new variant of Corona Omicron. Corona tests have been made mandatory for travel in the country and all New Year’s concerts have been postponed. In addition, there may be restrictions on Christmas celebrations.

On November 30, the Portuguese administration was moved after the omikron variant of the corona was identified in the bodies of 13 footballers of a club. Hundreds of people who came in contact with them were taken in isolation. Then Omikron was identified in the bodies of 5 more of them.

The Costa administration is in a tough position to make the coroner’s negative certificate mandatory to enter Portugal from December 1 to prevent infection. In the last two days, several airlines were fined heavily for carrying passengers without a negative certificate, and more than 50 passengers were fined in cash.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa also hinted at restrictions on travel from one municipal area to another to prevent infections during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. All kinds of Christian New Year’s concerts have been ordered to be canceled. Besides, Portugal has started giving booster dose to 50 citizens from Sunday.

The country has not yet announced a stoppage of flights with anyone except a few African countries. However, those concerned are advised to avoid unnecessary travel.

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