Sydney-Brazil met in a colorful festival

Sydney-Brazil met in a colorful festival

This coming and going of innumerable lights with lightning speed in the dark sky gives the impression of a colorful festival. All the stars in the sky seemed to fall to the ground. Angels, Mary, Angel and three wise men riding camels on the walls of St. Mary’s Cathedral – everything revolves around Christmas. The shimmering triangle lighting festival is multiplied.

After almost a year of lockdown, this Christmas is much awaited for Sydney residents. Everybody is trying to make the moments of fisting with their loved ones while walking in the middle of the light-colored reverse U, so that it becomes more colorful with time. In addition, the shops below the light canopy at Pet Street Mall are informing shoppers about the Christmas festivities.

The main attraction of the state of New South Wales is the Christmas tree decorated with about 11,000 LED lights and 330 baobabs. The reflection of light in the tall buildings by the water is making the city buzz this festive season. And with all that, Christmas carols are giving Sydney residents a happy message.

Without Santa Claus, the joy of Christmas is almost gone. But this time, not only on the ground, Santa is being found under the water.

On Monday, local time, divers dressed as sharks in a shark tank at an aquarium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to make everyone happy. Outside the aquarium covered with thick glass was a huge crowd of visitors.

“Every time I see it, I like it a lot,” said one visitor. I really like this tank. I think I’m in it.

There is no shortage of enthusiasm for children and adults in this exceptional event.

Another said, I think, it is very pleasing for everyone. We are much happier to see the joy of the kids here.

Preparations for Christmas are underway in many countries of the world. Everyone hopes that the world will be filled with happiness, prosperity and peace.

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