Putin instructed the army to be ready

Putin instructed the army to be ready

Instead of easing tensions over the Ukraine issue, it seems to be increasing day by day. Russia has twice as many troops deployed on its border as NATO forces increase the number of troops on its border. The rehearsal was conducted. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with senior Russian Defense Ministry officials on Tuesday local time after NATO forces increased their presence near the border.

At the meeting, Putin warned NATO forces and Washington that Moscow had the right to take appropriate military action if NATO or the United States continued its aggressive stance.

If US and NATO missiles are deployed in Ukraine, it will take 8 to 10 minutes to strike Moscow. And if a hypersonic weapon is deployed, that time will come down to just 5 minutes. The Russian president called the situation a serious challenge to Russia’s security.

Putin accused the United States of “easily deviating” from its commitments. Putin also said that it would be acceptable only if there was a written agreement to ensure that the United States does not resort to military aggression on the Ukraine issue. Source Reuters.

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