Mamata Banerjee’s triumph again

Mamata Banerjee’s triumph again

Trinamool has secured victory in 133 out of 144 wards. BJP 3, Left Front 3 and non-party candidates are leading in 4 wards.

Crowds of curious grassroots activists were outside the 12 counting centers in Kolkata since morning. Trinamool supporters are happy that the number of victories is increasing as the day progresses as expected.

This time, the Trinamool leader made the opposition non-existent by maintaining her dominance in the Calcutta City Corporation in a one-sided vote. And so the Chief Minister responded to the journalists at his home in Kalighat as the victory was confirmed.

Many Trinamool candidates won by standing for the first time. Analysis of the results shows that about 72 per cent of the people in Kolkata have voted for the Trinamool Congress this time. Opposition BJP, Congress and Left Front got the remaining 6 percent votes. However, this time the turnout is saying that the BJP’s vote in Kolkata has decreased, the Left Front’s vote has increased.

Mamata’s Trinamool Congress won for the third time in the 2021 assembly elections, pushing the BJP across the state. After that, Mamata snatched the victory by defeating the opposition in the by-election of that assembly.

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