The mystery surrounding Iran’s nuclear reactor explosion

The mystery surrounding Iran’s nuclear reactor explosion

Authorities in Tehran say the crash happened at around 5 am on Monday (December 20th). This has to do with Iran’s defense exercises.

Saudi-based Arabnews reported. However, the Iranian authorities have warned of a proper response to any Israeli attack.

Amid reports of anti-aircraft missiles being fired at the area, Bushahar Deputy Governor Mohammad Twaki Irani said the exercise was conducted with the full readiness and co-operation of the armed forces.

Earlier this month, another such incident took place. At the time, Iranian authorities said the air force had fired a missile as part of a military exercise following reports of a large explosion in the central city of Natanz.

Iran’s main military research facility is also located in Natanz. Israel has carried out a number of attacks on various installations related to the country’s nuclear program.

A similar attack took place in Natanz last April. A number of Iranian nuclear scientists have also been killed in Israeli attacks.

Iran says it will retaliate for any Israeli action against them. If Israel launches an attack on Iran, its armed forces will strike at all Israeli bases, bases, routes and installations.

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