Cyberattack against China

Cyberattack against China

According to the report, Chinese President Xi Jinping recently met with leaders of South Asian countries. There, Jinping said, Beijing never believes in hegemonic behavior and will not interfere in relatively weak countries.

At the meeting, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos complained that they were being cyber-attacked by Chinese hackers.

According to a report in The Hong Kong Post, China has been meeting with ASEAN countries but the level of trust between them has reached zero. Because Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam are already waging a cold war against Beijing to retain their sovereignty in the South China Sea.

At a high-level ASEAN summit on November 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing was interested in establishing good relations with its neighbors. They are also interested in resolving disputes and establishing friendly relations with neighboring countries.

But a few weeks later, Beijing threatened Indonesia with oil and gas extraction in the South China Sea. If the area is recognized internationally as Indonesia, the country has a dispute with China over the area. As a result, ASEAN countries are skeptical of China’s commitment to good relations with its neighbors.

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