US presidential candidate announced

US presidential candidate announced

He is only nine years old. The blood of Bengalis is flowing in the arteries. At the age when other children are obsessed with cartoons or video games, he can easily solve all the complex math problems. Mathematics at the PhD level or solving various problems in science is a trivial matter for him. And that is why he is the youngest professor in the history of human civilization. His name is Professor Golden ‘Isaac Barry’.

He was given a reception at Fullerton University in California on Saturday (December 16th) local time. University teachers, students, American citizens and expatriate Bangladeshis listened to the speech of this rare young genius with deep attention.

Speaking as the chief guest at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the great victory organized by ‘Bengal Victory Fleet’ on Sunday local time in Los Angeles, he announced to start his official campaign as the US presidential candidate in 2048.

Earlier this year, Bari returned to New York from Africa on October 24 after winning The Vinci Award from the Vinci Institute of South Africa. Dr. on behalf of the university. HB Clapper gives a golden carpet reception to Professor Golden Isaac. Professor Suvarna Isaac Barry announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States in 2048, speaking at his PhD graduation ceremony while receiving the ‘The Vinci Laureate Award’.

Sir Isaac Newton was the youngest professor in the history of the world. He considers his name to be associated with the title ‘Isaac’. Not only this, with the help of Albert Einstein many people come to mind about his talent and skills. Yojana Yojana is ahead of their contemporaries in the golden intellect of their followers. That is why many call him Einstein of this age.

Word of this amazing talent of the golden Isaac spread on social media and caught the attention of the whole world. The White House also comes to mind. One by one tests were taken to verify the talent of this wonder boy. Experts in science and mathematics from all the leading universities in the United States are facing gold. No complex experiment could stop this little scientist. Well-known media also interviewed him.

Lisa S. Koiko, president of The City College of New York, called Suvarna the “Einstein of our time.” “When he grows up, he will make a new history,” said Lisa, who was surprised that Suvarna answered all the questions correctly when asked questions about mathematics, chemistry and physics.

The famous Harvard University recognized him as a scientist in 2016. In 2020, the university declared him a professor. Subarna was also made a visiting professor at the University of Mumbai, India. Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi then awarded him the ‘Child Prodigy’ award.
Demonstrating proficiency in mathematics and physics, he has been involved in anti-terrorism propaganda. Subarna wrote a book, The Love, about the struggle of a Muslim child to build a world against terrorism. In 2016, then-US President Barack Obama also wrote a letter congratulating him.
Subarna is the second child of Rashidul Bari-Shaheda couple living in the United States. She was born on April 9, 2012 in New York to Chittagong girl Shahedar Kol. Rashidul Bari, a father from the same district, is a professor of mathematics at the Bronx College in New York. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Columbia University. Mother Shaheda is also in the teaching profession.

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