Italian Parliament sets final draft proposal for 2022 sponsorship visa

Italian Parliament sets final draft proposal for 2022 sponsorship visa

The determination of entry quota for foreign nationals was discussed in Parliament. Foreigners will be able to enter Italy for these three categories of work, owned, self-employed and seasonal.

Apart from this, there are also special privileged quotas. It is usually granted to citizens of countries that have signed a re-entry agreement with Italy. However, the quota system will affect countries that do not cooperate in the fight against illegal immigration and the re-entry of deportees.

The government has determined the number of sponsorship visas by verifying the number of requests made by the entrepreneurs. The country has a shortage of skilled workers as well as a demand for those willing to do heavy work. Italian transport companies, for example, are still increasingly looking to Eastern Europe to hire qualified workers. At the same time, the demand for agricultural workers is increasing day by day in the country.

The companies wanted at least 100,000 workers from the government. After checking everything, the government was able to reach a final decision. Italy will take a total of 61,000 workers.

According to official data, Italy will approve 61,000 new entries for work under the 2022 Flossy Decree. Of these, 36,000 are permanent. The remaining 45,000 will be taken for seasonal work.

The sectors that Italy needs the most are in the logistics, construction and tourism-hotel sectors. In the Flossy Decree, the total quota for different jobs and different countries in 2022 will be known in a few days. It is learned that the final gazette will be published next weekend.

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