Myanmar army clashes

Myanmar army clashes

The news agency Reuters confirmed the matter on Friday, quoting the deputy governor of Thailand’s ‘Tak’ province. Protests and uprisings have been raging in Myanmar since the military overthrew its leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and seized power in February.

The country’s armed rebel group, the Karen National Union, has been battling the army for days. Thousands of people have fled Myanmar, according to Somchai, the deputy governor of Thailand’s Tak province.

Somchai added that the number of displaced people in the Thai part of the border between the two countries is in the thousands. Among them are more than 500 children, said Ye Min, an official with the Aid Alliance Committee, a Thai-based Myanmar refugee rights group.

Aid Alliance is providing food and clean water to the displaced people. Authorities in Tak province say the Myanmar army clashed with the Karen National Union, 500 meters from the Thai border, on Thursday.

However, no casualties were reported in the incident. Thai forces have stepped up patrols in the area since the clashes.

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