US sanctions on imports of goods

US sanctions on imports of goods

In order to import goods from the province to the United States, the company must prove that it is not the product of forced labor.

China has consistently denied US allegations that it is genociding and oppressing China’s Uighur Muslim minority.

The US Congress has recently passed a bill. It is said that the spontaneous participation of the workers in the manufacture of products from the Xinjiang region of China must be proved. The administration wants transparency on whether workers are being exploited or forced to work.

Big companies like Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple have criticized the bill for its business acumen. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the bill soon.

On the other hand, the Biden administration has imposed trade sanctions on a number of Chinese companies and institutions due to China’s persecution of the larger Muslim minority. According to the local administration, a number of Chinese companies have been blacklisted in the wake of this.

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