The highest known in Corona in France in one day

The highest known in Corona in France in one day

The government is concerned about the situation of corona infection in the country. President Emanuel Macro and senior government officials are discussing how to deal with the situation.

In the last 24 hours in France, the bodies of many of the victims have been identified as ‘Omicron’ variants. At the same time, 84 people died in the country.

France ranks seventh among the top ten countries in the world in the list of corona attacks and deaths. Earlier on Friday (December 24), corona was identified in the bodies of 94,124 people in 24 hours in the country. At the same time 18 people died.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, Pope Francis, the supreme leader of Catholic Christians, called for vaccinations for the poor and health care for all. He prayed for deliverance from the Corona epidemic.

Francis said in his speech that man’s indifference to the poor displeases God. He urged everyone to pay attention to the darkness behind the lighting.

On the other hand, new records are being set every day in the UK. In the last one day, 120,000 corona have been identified in the country, surpassing all previous records.

Fear, dread and fear are not cutting in Britain. Don’t break all previous records in this country every day. Infections are increasing day by day. The death march is long. More than 120,000 people have been infected with covid in the last one day in Britain.

Which is the highest ever recorded in a single day. More than 23,000 new types of corona have been infected in the country so far. British health experts say the number could rise several times after Christmas.

Millions of people are at risk of traveling due to the spread of the new type of coronavirus Omicron during the Christmas festivities. More than four thousand flights have been canceled at the last minute. This includes domestic and international flights.

Many airlines have canceled flights due to illnesses of crew and pilots, including aircraft crews, due to Omicron. Of these, the United States has canceled more than four and a half hundred flights. Passengers have suffered due to sudden flight cancellation.

About 600 flights have also been canceled in China. In addition, several airlines, including Air India, Shenzhen Airlines, Lion Air and Wings Air, have canceled more than 10 flights.

Not just Britain; Omicron is spreading to other countries of the world including Europe. The World Health Organization says the new strain of corona has spread to 110 countries and territories so far. The company fears that Omicron could reach alarming proportions in two to three days as social infections spread in some countries.

In addition, the number of Omicron detectors is increasing in India. Authorities imposed a night curfew in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Even in this situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat in an emergency meeting with health officials last Thursday (December 23).

On the other hand, a study by the UK Government Health Security Agency found that patients with Omicron had a 50 to 60 percent lower risk of hospitalization than other types of deltas.

The study found that Omicron sufferers had a 45 percent lower risk of emergency admission and a 70 percent lower risk of hospitalization than Delta. A day earlier, the risk was 40 to 45 percent lower than in Delta, according to a study published by Imperial College London.

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