Announcement of a booster dose in India

Announcement of a booster dose in India

Health workers, frontline fighters, and people over 60 will receive a booster dose in the country on a priority basis. Modi also announced vaccinations for 15- to 18-year-olds at the beginning of the new Christian year. The program will start on January 3.

Modi said, ‘Corona is not completely gone yet. People in India are also looking for new forms of Amicone. In this situation, we have to abide by the rules of taxation. The health infrastructure of the country is fully prepared. There are 16 lakh isolation beds and more than one lakh ICU beds in the country.

The Prime Minister of India said that the Corona vaccine will be given to health workers and frontline workers from January 10. In addition, people over the age of 60 suffering from multiple diseases and people suffering from other health problems will also be given an extra dose of vaccine on the advice of a doctor.

He added that vaccination of children would consolidate the fight against the epidemic and normalize the teaching activities in schools.

Doctors welcome the decision to vaccinate 15 to 18-year-olds. Pediatrician Apurba Ghosh said, “It was important to vaccinate 15 to 18-year-olds. This is a very good decision. The school is open, so they have to get out. The need for immunization of children was also increasing from all angles. Children are also being affected by Omicron. This time, if they also get vaccinated, resistance against corona will be created. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Doctor Shyamashis Banerjee said, “It was very necessary. I welcome the decision to give booster vaccine. With Booster in the country at the moment trying to finish the vaccination of those who are eligible for the vaccine of Kovid and the decision to give the precision dose to those who have been vaccinated first, it seems that we are on the right track in terms of vaccination. According to a report in The Lancet, the body’s immune system is slowly declining after 6 to 9 months of immunity to covid. From that point of view, those who have been vaccinated early in the country need a booster. ‘

Calling on the people not to panic over Omicron, Modi said, “There are reports of many people in India being infected with Omicron. I urge everyone not to panic. Be careful, be vigilant. Wear a mask and keep washing your hands. ‘

Meanwhile, the Omicron situation in India is getting worse day by day. In the last one day, Omicron has been identified in the bodies of 415 people in the country. Maharashtra has been the most affected. Even in Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, the number of Omicron victims is increasing.

In such a situation, the local administration has imposed various restrictions including night curfew in several states. In addition to the mandatory quarantine in Maharashtra, local elections have been postponed in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The central government has already sent delegations of health officials to 10 states, including Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, to inspect the Omicron situation. Last Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an emergency meeting with health officials. During the meeting, he emphasized on development of health infrastructure, corona testing, strengthening immunization activities as well as imposition of restrictions.

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