Corona vaccine is more effective at any time of the day

Corona vaccine is more effective at any time of the day

New variants of the corona and the speed of transmission are making researchers think. However, various research institutes are sending a message of hope to the world from the poisonous cobalt of Corona. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca or Sputnik vaccines are giving some relief to the world.

This time, the research institutes have published a report on the exact time of vaccination in human body. According to the report, the correct time to receive the vaccine within 24 hours is from 11:30 am to noon.

The report was published by researchers in the Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Oxford, which coordinates the Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States and the European Research Institute.

Every human body is born with a circadian clock, in which the nerves and organs of the automatic body function regularly at certain times. At certain times according to the laws of nature, the body’s antibodies become stronger and performance increases. Following the publication of the research report, experts are emphasizing the need to make the general public interested in getting the corona vaccine in the afternoon

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