Tony Dyce received the first 50 rupees

Tony Dyce received the first 50 rupees

Tony Diaz has taken part in this special event on the occasion of Christmas. He told various information that he did not say. Tony Dyce says he doesn’t just go to church or decorate the house to celebrate Christmas. He also exchanges greetings with friends at local temples during Durga Puja and Eid.

In the words of the actor, the joy of the whole year seems incomplete without playing Dudh-semai on Eid. After studying Islam in religion, I got 96 out of 100 in the secondary examination.

In 1989, he became involved in acting through the Nagarik Natya Sampradaya. Prior to that, he worked in recitation organizations and radio. In 1994, he got the opportunity to audition on Bangladesh Television as a prompter.

Tony Dyce said the first honor of his career was 50 rupees. This honor received from Bangladesh Betar was something special for that time. Tony Dyce misses acting terribly. And so he is ready to come to Bangladesh for 10-15 days and work at any time if he gets the manuscript and character he wants. Among the actors of this period are Tony Diaz’s special favorites Afran Nisho, Jovan, Mehzabin Chowdhury, Tanjin Tisha and Shabnam Faria.

Tony Dyce has taken part in the program ‘Ranga Sakal’ on Maasranga Television. It was presented by Rumman Rashid Khan and Kazi Raushan Ara Saki. It will be produced by Jobayer Iqbal and will be aired on December 25 at 8 am.

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