At the wedding of Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky, 10 kinds of sweets weighed 80 kg.

At the wedding of Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky, 10 kinds of sweets weighed 80 kg.

According to an employee of the same shop, several sweets like mewa kachori, gond pak, dal barfi, Gujarati bakhlaya, Kaju pan, choco bait are arranged for the guests of ‘Vikat’. At the same time 100 horns and dhoklas were brought. These two items were also used in the Vicky-Katrina Gayehlu ceremony. He was accompanied by the famous Kachuri of Rajasthan.

In Vicky-Katrina’s wedding, kebabs, Rajasthani dal bowl churma from fish plate, 15 kinds of dal – nothing is left out of the list. Fruits and vegetables have been brought from abroad. Five-story cake for the bride and groom.

Vicky-Katrina made seven trips to Six Senses Barwara Fort in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on Thursday (December 9), even though she was legally married. Because of Kovid, this hero-heroine did a good job only in the presence of family and close friends of the industry.

This star couple is not keeping any fault in the management of the wedding. How much does it cost to get married? Who else is spending how much for marriage?

According to Indian media, Katrina, the bride herself, is spending 75 per cent or the lion’s share of the marriage. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. Vicky bears the remaining 25 percent of the cost.

However, new information has come about Vikat’s marriage. Luxury hotel authorities in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan are not taking any rent from the star couple. This palace-like resort has been rented out completely free of charge for self-promotion.

‘Victat’ has sold the video rights of the wedding ceremony to an OTT platform for a huge amount of money. Wedding photos will be sold to another well-known international magazine.

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