Phone conversation leaked: what the heroine Mahi said

Phone conversation leaked: what the heroine Mahi said

Mahi is currently in Saudi Arabia with her husband to perform Umrah. “I was very embarrassed after the incident that day,” he said.

My God and I know how much my self-esteem has been hurt. And even today I am very ashamed of myself and my countrymen.

You will think for yourself, what was the answer I would give in this language at that time? I did not have the language to speak that day.

I passed by that day with my own answer. That was exactly two years ago. As I said that day, God, I have suffered. Through which I have suffered, somehow he has got his result. It’s proven to me.

“I am just saying sorry to the journalist brothers,” he said. Because I could not receive the phone. I have come to perform Umrah.

In fact, I was not in a position to serve the phone in this situation. You will think whether I am guilty or innocent from my place. Everyone will pray for us. May Allah accept our Umrah.

Emon’s voice was heard on the phone. Originally Dr. Murad called Emon and later spoke to Mahir. Showbiz workers have already seen mixed reactions to the phone call. Actor Emon has opened his mouth about the viral phone conversation. Samay confirmed the news in a virtual call that the audio was correct.

Emon said, ‘That’s what you heard. That was a year ago. The Minister of State had called me the night before the opening ceremony of a movie. You have heard the rest. ‘ Which movie masterpiece? Emon replied, “We were preparing for the movie ‘Blood’ then. Director Wazed Ali Sumon Bhai was in Banani.

That’s when he (Dr. Murad) called. I was actually trying to handle the state minister. But I said, ‘Yes, brother is coming. I see brother. ‘ In this incident, many have pointed fingers at Emon. In this context, the filmmaker Emon said, “There is no such thing that I took Mahi. I still did not know what the state minister had said to Mahir.

I heard today. After the minister asked, I called Mahi and started talking to Sumon Bhai about the script. I just tried to handle him (the state minister). ‘ Emon said that after the meeting in Banani, everyone left for home.

In his words, a minister or a state minister can call any artist. However, such behavior is not acceptable. The matter is embarrassing for Mahi and me. On November 24, Mahiya Mahi announced on her official Facebook page that she was going to perform Umrah.

Mahi wrote in the post, Alhamdulillah, I am going for Umrah for the first time in my life. Above expressing this feeling. Many blessings from the heart for you. Everyone will pray for us.

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