A yellow bumper crop in the Jaira roof garden

A yellow bumper crop in the Jaira roof garden

Model-actress Joy Ahsan. In Bangladesh, the Indian audience is also stunned by his performance. He has already won numerous awards in recognition of his performance.

This talented actress is not only unique in her acting style. Fans are watching the expression of his love for animals at different times.

Jaya Ahsan’s hobby of gardening has been heard for several days now. He is fulfilling this hobby on the roof and balcony of his house. Jaya has planted more than a hundred fruit and vegetable trees here. The work of planting new trees and taking care of them is quite enjoyable for this actress.

Jaya is occasionally seen posting pictures of bumper fruits and vegetables in this roof garden on social media. On Saturday, he posted a picture of cane-filled turmeric made of cane and said that this time too there was a bumper crop of turmeric in his roof garden. The star said that he has grown this yellow by throwing soil inside the GI bag.

In the caption of the photo, he writes, the charming scent of freshly picked golden yellow.

In this city of bricks and wood, the roof garden is like a shelter for the comfort of Jaya. Jaya is picking not only turmeric, but also Barbati, punishment, and many more from this garden. The yield is also plentiful. Jaya is happy when she gets a tree as a gift. He even brought trees from abroad whenever he got a chance.

Meanwhile, Jaya has recently returned from London. The actress has traveled to London with her mother. There is talk of shooting a commercial after returning to Dhaka. After that, you will concentrate on shooting new movies.

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