Ananta Jalil’s movie was not released

Ananta Jalil’s movie was not released

He was not seen making any announcement as to why the movie was not released. The actor did not share any comment on this issue in the media and on his social media.

Ananta Jalil told the media on the day of the release date that viewers are eagerly waiting for the movie. Their wait is coming to an end. ‘Day: The Day’ will be released on December 24. Apart from Bangladesh, shooting has taken place in different locations in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. It has been built for about 2 years.

At that time, he further said, ‘I have requested the release of the movie in the countries of the Middle East where there are Bangladeshis. I always try to do whatever the story demands. If you watch the movie in theaters, it will become clearer. ‘

Ananta Jalil will be seen in the role of a police officer of an international organization in the movie ‘Din: The Day’. He will take part in the operation to suppress various terrorist groups.

‘Din: The Day’ is a joint production of Bangladesh and Iran. The movie is directed by Iranian producer Murtaza Atash Zamzam. Apart from Ananta Jalil and Barsha, actors from Iran and Lebanon have also acted in the movie.

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