Apurba moved to the United States with his wife

Apurba moved to the United States with his wife

His wife Shamma Dewan is known to be an expatriate in the United States. Their marriage was solemnized on September 2. After completing the marriage lesson, the actor returned to his work. After the marriage, he did not spend time alone with his wife or go on a honeymoon.

After completing his handiwork, the actor moved to the United States with his wife. Go there and spend your vacation with your wife.

According to media sources, they left Dhaka on Wednesday (December 22) night flight. It is wonderful to spend time alone with family. You will also celebrate the New Year there. It is learned that the actor may return to the country in February.

Apurba’s wife Shamma Dewan is of Bangladeshi descent but she was born and raised there. He is a citizen of the United States. He is working in a car company there.

Many netizens have already raised the question, will Apurba take US citizenship with his wife this time? The reason for this question is that many of the country’s stars have already settled in the United States. Some have citizenship. Recently, Dhaliwood King Shakib Khan has also applied for a green card.

Actor Apurba was married to actress Sadia Jahan Prabha in love. However, the house did not last a year. Then in 2011, Nazia Hasan built a house with Aditi. The actor got divorced in this family last year. In this family there is a son named Ayash.

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