Christmas special drama

Christmas special drama

There are also dramas on Christmas television. Recently shooting was a special Christmas drama ‘Anandadhvani’. The play is written by Apel Mahmud and directed by Jayant Rosario. Irfan Sajjad and Tasunva Tisha have teamed up for the play.

Regarding the play, Apel Mahmud said, the story of the play is mentally tense. If two people want to live together, the two sides need to compromise. Again, this compromise does not mean giving up one’s own individuality. In this story, I have tried to tell whether the values ​​can go hand in hand.

Director Jayant Rosario said that every sound emanating from the human heart should be a sound of joy. With the cry of a newborn, the joy of his parents spreads, this sound of joy too. The main theme of our story is that people should live happily.

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