Farhan-Mahi in the story of 50 lakh taka

Farhan-Mahi in the story of 50 lakh taka

In the play, Farhan has played the role of a lawyer. His character’s name is Robin. Mahi will be seen in the role of Sumaiya.

The chemistry between the two of them can be seen in the story. Besides, when asked about the story of the play, Raj said, the story of the play with 50 lakh rupees. I do not want to say more than that. On the occasion of New Year 2022, in the first week of January, I would like to give this gift to the viewers on the cinema drama channel on YouTube.

Earlier, Farhan and Mahi got a great response by acting in the play ‘Hee Shi’ directed by Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj. They also hoped that the play ‘Fifty Lakh’ would touch the hearts of the audience.

Mushfiqur said that the directors think of me as a diverse character, it is a matter of liking. The audience likes me in those characters, that is success. The audience will see the same in this drama. Hope you like it.

Apart from Mushfiqur Farhan and Samira Mahi, Mukit Zakaria, Deacon Noor and Naeem Imtiaz Neyamul have also acted in the play.

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