Sisimpur at Kidscreen Awards

Sisimpur at Kidscreen Awards

The series will compete with several other Netflix shows. The winner will be announced on February 15 next year in Miami, USA.

This special event of Kidscreen is a program to give constructive mental education to children through entertainment. This time, most of the Netflix programs have taken place in the nomination. There are also programs from around the world.

In addition, the 13th episode of the nominated Sisimpur focuses on the children’s learning through play, helping others and the joy that comes from it, said Mohammad Shah Alam, executive director of the show.

He further said that besides sports, issues like cooperation, sympathy, science, nature, language, mathematics etc. have also prevailed in each episode of the season.

In a survey conducted by BBC World Service Trust in 2010, Sisimpur was selected as the best children’s program and the third most popular program overall. A 2006 ACPR long-term study found that children who regularly attended the Sisimpur program were one year older than those who did not visit Sisimpur, who were more proficient in language and caste, mathematics and socio-cultural subjects.

In addition, the ‘Kidscreen Awards’ are presented to various events in various categories, including the best series for children and families around the world, animated films, and live action programs. Comedian Gray Griffin will announce the winners as the host of this year’s event.

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