Rajiv in love with Mehjabin

Rajiv in love with Mehjabin

Producer Adnan Al Rajib is in love with the actress. Mehjabin deep love with him! Such words can be heard in Shobijpara. Although both of them have locked their mouths on this issue long ago.

Over the years, the name of the couple has come up more than once in the buzz of love marriage. Of course, there are reasons for that. Traveling abroad together, video viral in a shopping mall, viral photo together. Even after all this, Mehzabin-Rajib is hiding the issue of relationship.

This time Rajib himself has hinted at his relationship with Mehzabin. He shared his picture on Instagram. In the caption, he writes, ‘It feels good.’ In the picture, Mehzabin and Rajiv are seen in the lobby of a seaside hotel. Discussions have started in the net world about this close picture. Netizens have stumbled upon the comments box.

Many of the showbiz stars have commented on that post on Instagram. Shabnam Faria, Shaon, Sunerah Binte Kamal, Jeffer, Ashfaq Nipun, and many others have spread love. Elita Karim writes, ‘Adnan looking, handsome bro.’ Added ‘Love’ and ‘Fire’ emojis.

On the other hand, a person named Farzana wrote in a Facebook post, “Let the good finally be revealed”. Agnila writes, ‘Let. Marriage is imminent! I am feeling the joy of Eid. ‘Abdullah Mannan wrote,’ Perfect couple ‘. In addition, a mixed reaction was seen in the post.

Are you marrying Mehzabin? In an interview, Rajiv said, “Everyone has a personal life. They should be private. I don’t talk to anyone about my personal life and I don’t even want to! Especially in the media. As a friend, I am willing to chat with journalists. But I avoid so much interest. ‘

Rajiv-Mehzabin avoided their love affair but it is known that there is so much truth. Because even if it is a little bit rotten! And this couple has been in love talks for more than 6 years. Rajeev’s close sources have confirmed their love affair. Sources said on condition of anonymity, Rajib is in love with Mehjabin!

Mehzabin Chowdhury set foot in the showbiz through a beauty pageant. Has been performing regular work since 2009. Adnan Al Rajib is one of the most talked-about manufacturers in the country. Munsiana has shown her in advertisements and plays long ago. His web movie ‘YouTumor’ has been released on Otit platform.

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