Murad did not return home

Murad did not return home

Emirates flight EK-57, which left Dubai on Sunday (December 12), landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the capital at 5:08 pm.

Murad was seen exiting through the gate of ordinary passengers of the airport’s internal terminal. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is learned that he did not return to his wife and children at Dhanmondi’s house at night.

Dr. One of Murad’s three residences is at Shantinagar in the capital, one at Dhanmondi and the other at Minto Road, where he has been appointed as state minister. However, due to the resignation of the Minister of State, Murad lost his right to live on Minto Road. Besides, he did not visit the government-allocated house even when he was the state minister. He does not have much commute to his home in Shantinagar. However, no information has been received as to whether his constituency is going to Sarishabari in Jamalpur.

It is learned that Jamalpur district BNP has already announced to resist him in Jamalpur. A recommendation to dismiss him from the post of health secretary of Jamalpur district Awami League was also sent to the central level of the party recently. He has also been sent to the Center for resignation from the post of Awami League member of Aona Union of Sarishabari Upazila. Besides, cases have been filed against him in different districts on the day of Murad’s return.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday (December 6) ordered the resignation of Jamalpur-4 (Sarisabari) MP Murad Hasan from the cabinet after indecent, indecent, utterly insulting remarks against women and indecent phone conversations with a filmmaker spread on social media. He then resigned on Tuesday (December 6). His resignation letter was accepted and a notification was issued that night. It then landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 1:31 a.m. local time on Friday (December 10). He could not enter Canada because he did not have a certificate and could not answer other questions. Later he tried to go to Dubai but failed. Finally I had to return to the country.

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