Attack by Myanmar army

Attack by Myanmar army

They are fleeing an army airstrike in the border province of Karen, Thailand. In such a situation, concern has arisen again in the international arena. The country’s human rights groups say Myanmar will become unstable again if refugees are not repatriated soon.

The border situation in Myanmar has been heated for a week. The junta has launched new airstrikes and heavy shelling in the border province of Karen.

Myanmar’s pro-democracy group Karen National Union KNU said the military had carried out at least two airstrikes in the province on Thursday night. The town of Le Cay Kao was also shelled on Friday.

Concerns have been raised about the new core in a series of airstrikes. Thousands of people are fleeing the Thai border to seek refuge.

In such a situation, Karen fighters have demanded the United Nations to declare the city of Le Cay Kao a “no-fly zone”.

Meanwhile, human rights groups have claimed that Myanmar’s military is carrying out a series of attacks to destabilize the country. They have offered to repatriate refugees who have fled to Thailand soon.

Earlier, in August 2016, more than one million Rohingyas fled across the border and took refuge in Bangladesh after being attacked by the country’s army in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

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