Onion import permission stopped

Onion import permission stopped

Mahfuzar Rahman Babu, an onion importer at Hili land port, said he has been importing onions since the Indian government lifted the ban on onion imports. I have IP import of onion through Healy land port, through which onion import will continue. The government has temporarily shut down IP. However, onion imports are normal. At this time last year, the government closed the IP of onion, this time it has stopped. Because farmers get the price of onion produced in the country. But the demand of the country is not met with the onion produced in the country for a long time, which is why we import to keep the market normal. Onion prices have been on the rise since the government shut down IP last year.

Another importer from Healy land port said that even though the government has stopped giving IP, the importers of the port have IPs of more than 20,000 tons of onion. As a result, onion imports from India will continue, which can be imported for the next two to two and a half months. However, there is an ample supply of domestic onions in the market now and the demand for Indian onions is not very high. If there is demand in the market of the country then it will be imported. However, due to the closure of IP, the price of onion in the country’s market does not seem to increase much.

Some wholesalers who came to the port to buy onions said that onions are being imported from different countries including Healy land port. As a result of importing these onions, the onion farmers of the country are being deprived of fair prices. Losing interest in cultivation.

Meanwhile, the price of domestic onion has come down by half due to the impact of Burma onion in India, Myanmar. Thus, if onion imports from abroad continue, farmers will sit on the road. We traders will suffer at least a little bit. He applauded the decision of the government to shut down the IP of onions thinking of the farmers.

Meanwhile, Yusuf Ali, deputy assistant officer of the Hili land port plant quarantine office, said, “We have not received any instructions so far to officially stop the IP of onion.” Importers apply for IP but the server shows IP (stop).

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